12 Nov

Konube Integrator on Windows Azure Pack – Part 3 Using Konube

In this part I take a look at the Konube configuration and creating a VM.

At this time Konube supports Azure and Rackspace as a remote provider. More Features will come soon. On the startpage you can see that there is already a hint to the amazon cloud.

So lets start:
At first we have to configure a connection at the Admin Site to connect to our Azure subscription Weiterlesen

09 Nov

Konube Integrator on Windows Azure Pack – Part 2 The issue and a deeper look

In this blog post I take a deeper look into the konube integrator because we expected some issues in our proof of concept environment. From my point of view there are some nice information to know for troubleshooting.

Let me shortly explain our issue:

Creating a connection, add this to a plan and let the user login and use the plan was working as expected. But always on creating a VM in Azure through the Konube connector fails with an „Internal server error“.
After some troubleshooting by ourself and also from the Schakra guys (Many thanks again!) the main issue was on using a proxy server for connection to the internet. The Ressource Provider wasn’t configured to use the proxy settings which are deployed in a group policy. Weiterlesen