Wizard FAQ



The wizard can not catch the complete logic of all components of the System Center or Private Cloud. There are too many possibilities, including dependencies. It is used more to avoid errors in creating the XML and, if necessary, to show the possibilities that can be realized with the PDT.

Manually download PDT
In a manual download of the PDT files they must be placed in the subdirectory PDT in the directory you placed the PDT XML Wizard.exe.

Where is the XML generated?
The Variable.XML is generated in the original place (PDT folder). If there already exists a XML it will be renamed (Variable_<datetime>.XML) and the new one is stored.

Why does my powershell say, that 7-Zip or winRar is missing?
This belongs to the PDT itself. The PS script take a look at 7-Zip or Win-Rar 64bit. If this is not present, the error is reported.