07 Nov

Konube Integrator on Windows Azure Pack – Part 1 Installing

I decide to write this blog post in english 🙂

In a proof of concept environment we decide to use the Konube Integrator for showing a Hybrid Cloud scenario with Windows Azure Pack. One of the main goal is to integrate Windows Azure and a local service provider (services based on Azure Pack) into the On-Premise Azure Pack installation.

Konube Integrator provides a seamless connectivity to external and/or public cloud providers from within your premises. Konube Integrator is delivered as an extension to Windows Azure Pack. More on www.konube.com

In the first part in this blog post I want show you the installation and what stumbling blocks come up in my environment installing the integrator.

The Environment:
The environment was a distributed Azure Pack envirnonment and it looks like this:



WAP and all other components are installed and working properly.

Installing Konube:
We need to install Konube on both Tenant and Admin server. The Installation is quite simple. It gives us an MSI file to install.

The first thing here is that we have to start the MSI with administrative rights. So we start the installation from an elevated powershell. Otherwise the installation will fail because the Integrator need to have access to the Application Pool Configuration. We’re learning, that the installation will fail on:

appcmd set config -section:applicationPools:LoadUserProfile:true with Error 1722

Also there will be a new user profile created on C:\Users\Mgmt-HybridCloud

So lets go through the installation:





We decide to install all components on the WAP Admin and the Tenant server. First time installing we have some issues on missing components and we’re not sure what the issue was. We talk with the Schakra guys and they said that this is similar because only the components are needed will be installed.


Konube Integrator is using it’s own database. Here we have to enter our SQL Cluster with an sysadmin of the SQL Server. In this case we’re using the same instance in which WAP is integrated (also also the same useraccount). In a real world example i think the best practice is to divide the userrights here.

After installing the database an finishing the MSI Wizzard you have to register the service provider with a powershell script. The script is located in inetpub folder where Konube is installed in. In our case  C:\Inetpub\MgmtSvc-HybridCloud and it’s called Register-ResourceProvider.ps1. You have to edit username and password.

$userName = "user"
$password = "pass"

You have to enter a username and a password. There is no need to use a domain account. Simply enter any username and password you want because it will be only used for internal communcation between the website and the API.

Run the powershell script with elevated administrator rights and the Resource Provider will be availible in the WAP Admin and Tenant Portal


At the end you are able to configure the Konube connections.

At this time Konube support Azure and Rackspace as a provider. Talking to the Schakra guys there will be more availible soon like amazon. Also they said that they want to expand this extension to implement features like approval processes and many more.

In the next part I will take a deeper look into the extension.