12 Nov

Konube Integrator on Windows Azure Pack – Part 3 Using Konube

In this part I take a look at the Konube configuration and creating a VM.

At this time Konube supports Azure and Rackspace as a remote provider. More Features will come soon. On the startpage you can see that there is already a hint to the amazon cloud.

So lets start:
At first we have to configure a connection at the Admin Site to connect to our Azure subscription

You need to have the Azure subscription file. You can get this using the powershell with
GetAzurePublishSettingsFile or download it directly.

Save this and the Connection will be shown in the overview.

Now we can create a new plan or add the service to an existing plan. In this case we create a new plan.
kon03 kon04

After that we have to configure the Konube service in the plan




And here is a very important thing in it. After adding a connection into a plan the connection cannot be added to another plan. for this you have to create a new connection. Also there is still an issue that if a user subscribes to this plan, the plan can’t be deleted anymore (also the user). This is a known issue and the Schakra guys working on that actually.

Now make this plan public and let a user subscribe.
kon09 kon10

As you can see, Konube VM’s are there and ready to deploy a VM. after a VM is deployed, they will show up in the overview.


You can connect via RDP if the VMs have a punlic IP adress.
Know you have a seemless integration of your public cloud environment in Azure. That’s very nice !