17 Jun

Update PDT XML Wizard 0.8

0.8 Changelog
– Moving to WPF and a MVVM pattern (takes a lot time to learn 🙂 )
– Adding Save/Load Dialogs
– Changing Instacne mapping to DB Role mapping to instances
– Changing roles mappings to vm
– Fixed a bug on template loading causes an exception

19 Mai

Update PDT XML Wizard 0.7

Powershell Deployment Toolkit – XML Wizard – New Version 0.7

0.7 Changelog
New Feature: Templating – Now you are able to save and load templates for creating Variable.xml
New Settings: PDT path and Template Path – It’s no longer required to download PDT before creating XML but its recommended
– Add Validate Button to start XML validation directly
– Add Menu – Load Template and Save template
– Add Product Keys input
– Fixed a big issue on DB Roles to Servers in XML
– Fixed SQL Instance configuration Window
– Fixed the ComboBox SCO Runbook Designer (wrong selection)
– Fixed ComboBox DPM Reporting Server (wrong selection)
– Fixed ComboBox SQL Instance mapping
– Fixed Label on SQL Instance configuration „Advanced“ tab
– Fixed a small issue on advanced sql configuration

16 Mai

PDT XML Wizard – Next Version

The next version of the wizard will include templating. For all advisors out there it will now show a significant improvement. All your settings can be saved and reused. Since I actually am not a developer, I’m learning currently immensely what .Net and C# can do. I think that I can publish the 0.7 release next week.

I will show you some Screenshots:





there are some more fixes, but these are the major changes.


09 Mai

Update PDT XML Wizard 0.6

Powershell Deployment Toolkit – XML Wizard – Neue Version 0.6

0.6 Changelog
– Add Service Provider Framework (SPF)
– Add Windows Azure Pack 2013
– Fixed a bug deleting data disks in vm configuration causes a crash
– Fixed a bug that the domain definition will be always in variables.xml
– Fixed a bug that the VM defaults are not changed in variables.xml
– Add Status / Progressbar and a small logview on finish page
– Change Menu VM Defaults with components
– Add Settings – XML Settings for overwriting and backup of the XML
– some small fixes
– Fixed issue starting PS Script from the GUI